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“The training I get Acre helps me be a better provider for the children and a better business woman for me!”

Maria Ortiz
Acre Provider


Acre's Benchmarks Training is nationally recognized as a comprehensive training program for home-based family child care providers. The Benchmarks cover early childhood education, child care and small business practices:

  1. Introduction to the Benchmarks
  2. Overview of the Acre Family Child Care system
  3. History of Family Child Care
  4. Taking care of yourself
  5. Health and safety
  6. Relationships: Provider, Children, Families
  7. Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Developing Curriculum
  8. Guidance of Children and Daily Schedules
  9. Business Plans, Taxes, and Insurance
  10. Marketing your business
  11. Early Childhood Education Professional Development Opportunities

If you would like more information about Benchmarks and our next session, please contact Wendy Fournier, Education Coordinator at or call 978-937-5899


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