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When choosing a provider, location, language, cultural appropriateness, size of a group, and the age of children are just some of the factors you may be considering. Acre Family Child Care has providers across the city located on both sides of the Merrimack River. The Acre network of providers speaks multiple languages to meet your needs. Do you want a child to learn Spanish, Khmer, English or Portuguese at an early age when children can learn multiple languages at ease? Or do you prefer a provider that speaks the language you speak at home? Either way, we have a provider for you. Do you prefer your child to be in a small group or large? The Acre network of providers can meet your specific needs as a parent. Most importantly, ALL providers have one thing in common: A commitment to providing a nurturing environment for your child to grow and develop socially, emotionally, and educationally.

Browse through our diverse, talented family of providers to find the right match for your family