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“I am so impressed with the work Carmen does. Each time I visited her home, the children were so happy.”

Elizabeth Sokol
Early Intervention Specialist
Anne Sullivan Center


Job Posting

Job Title: School Bus Driver

Exempt/Non-exempt: Non-exempt

Level/Salary Range:

Position Type: Full time

Reports To: Transportation Coordinator

Job summary:

The Bus Driver has the primary responsibility for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the children, staff and volunteers during bus transportation.


Provides safe transportation of children to their homes/school/family day care.

Leaves children only in the care of any individual previously approved, in writing by Transportation Coordinator, or office.

Keeps in constant communication with the Transportation Coordinator regarding the children or providers concerns.

Does not allow unauthorized persons on the bus at any time.

Maintains confidentiality with providers’ concerns, and related issues.

Requests prior permission by supervisor for use of van used for anything outside the AFDCC regular route.

Makes use of car seats according to state regulations.

Follows all driving and other laws and regulations of the State of Massachusetts.

Must report to the Transportation Coordinator any arrests, traffic citation, license suspension, or medication prescribed or any other event that may affect ability to drive.


Is responsible for the Acre school bus

Does not use vehicles for personal use after AFDCC hours.

Inspects all seats in the bus at the end of the day from the backside to the front side.

Completes safety Inspection Report checklist on a daily basis, before starting the route. Reports any problems with vehicle are to be documented and reported to the Transportation Coordinator immediately.

Keeps accurate, daily mileage records and maintenance and fuel receipts.

Is responsible for any traffic violation due to the neglect of the driver.

Participates in meetings as required by the supervisor or director.

All staff are expected to document all work, complete accurate timesheets on a weekly basis, communicate professionally and responsibly with clients and the other staff, request time off with as much notice as possible, and adhere to the agency’s employee manual

Follows procedures to guarantee no child is left alone on bus without adult supervision at any time, including insuring all children have departed bus at the end of all bus routes (morning, evening and during field trips or other special trips).

Ensures that the bus always has sufficient fuel

Keeps the bus clean and free of debris; follows other bus cleaning procedures.

Routinely inventories bus emergency and first aid supplies and equipment, reports needs to the Coordinator, or delegated staff person.

With the Transportation Coordinator, identifies those persons authorized by the parents/guardians to receive the children. Delivers children only to the authorized persons. Follows Child Sign-In/Sign-Out procedures.

Assists in other transportation training of bus aides, children and parents

In the event of an accident/emergencies, assures that medical emergency procedures are followed; completes a written accident report as required by delegate's procedure and other authorities.

Attends and participates in Agency’s pre-service and in-service trainings, and other continuing education, career and professional development opportunities.

Participates in the agency's self-evaluation process and grantee monitoring visits, as requested, and complies with any Program Improvement Plans developed.

Performs other duties, as assigned.

Requirements of the Position

All drivers must have the following:

A valid Massachusetts drivers license.

A valid Massachusetts CDL with passenger endorsement at all times.

Current CPR and First Aid certification.

Additional training as required by Acre Family Day Care and / or by licensing source.

Ability to lift children up to 40 pounds in weight into van.

A record that reflects adherence to the agency’s employee manual, including the drug-free and criminal history policy.